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Fall Annuals & Perennials

Picture of beautiful arrangement of typical for Autumn and Thanksgiving pumpkins, mini pumpkins and red, yellow and pink fall mums in front of country old wooden home used as background

Fall color is easy to add to your landscape!

As fall approaches we often look to perennials for color. The most popular are Mums and Asters. These easy to grow perennials add great color in the fall. They can be added to beds, replacing annuals that are no longer as pretty as you would like, or grown in pots. There are many other options available as well. There are several varieties of sedum that are great sources of color in the fall. They have great foliage and depending on variety may bloom until frost. The foliage can be beautiful late into fall and often add interest all winter long. Ornamental Grasses also add color and texture to your home landscape or in pots. Grasses used in fall arrangements with pumpkins cannot be beat. Medium to large pots can be very showy just by using a single ornamental grass planted along with a couple of mums or asters. Try adding some sedum for even more interest. A combination like that should give you color for several months.

When I think of annuals for fall color, pansies are the first to come to mind. Plant pansies now and enjoy during the fall and with a little luck at all they will survive the winter and start blooming next spring lasting into late May and early June. Adding a splash of color with pansies is easy. You will find them available in packs so they can be planted just like annuals in the spring. Use them in clusters of three or five to add some color to a bed. Maybe a color bowl of pansies is the right choice to plant in a pot or planter. Larger pots of pansies can also be planted right into a mulch bed.

You may find snapdragons available as well. They too are great planted into the fall and often survive the winter for spring color. Snaps along with a low growing sedum make a great combination.

Don’t be afraid to try something new this year. Planting pots or adding to your landscape beds with fall color might be just what you need to spruce up your landscape after a long hot summer season.

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